What is the epoxy process for liquid floors?

Epoxy floor is a product that is installed over concrete. The installation process begins with the preparation of the area to be covered. The floor is prepared by grinding, ensuring that the epoxy will properly bond with the concrete floor.

The epoxide is made of resins mixed with a series of hardeners after mixing will be applied across the floor surface. To protect from wear, a urethane is applied to the epoxy. Once the resulting product is a bright, durable, super-hard surface, perfect for industrial plants, warehouses, construction companies, shops and other commercial areas. It is impact-resistant, heat-resistant and able to withstand heavy loads without cracking or rubbing.

Epoxy coatings provide durable protection for concrete floors, which last for many years and reduce maintenance costs over time. Resistance to chemicals is also observed. You can choose the non-slip or anti-slip version, withstand fire or a huge impact. All of these things increase productivity, while reducing workplace incidents.

Special areas of work can be established in a single building using different epoxy flooring colors for this purpose, indicating the areas used for storage, vehicle parking, pedestrian traffic or other.

By blending colors and templates, the epoxy coating is an advantage in showrooms or even shopping centers.