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The latest trends in epoxy flooring solutions

Epoxy resin floor coatings are often recognized for easy maintenance, durability or versatility. We think that the right floor should contribute aesthetically as well, especially when that space is frequented by guests or clients.

Commercial, industrial or residential flooring tends to succeed on interior design are various from conservative to cutting edge and modern minimalist.

This year, interiors that bring the beauty of the nature or the colors are in trends. We will present you three types of flooring designs topping the charts.

  1. Flashing Colors

New in 2018 is the ability to incorporate flashing colors into a space using modern flooring materials like quartz or marble.  

The popularity of this floors aesthetic is increasing. More commercial designers are choosing colored epoxy flooring made of because they just stand out for its exceptional benefits, lifecycle value and amazing design.

  1. Metallic Epoxy Look

Polished concrete floors that create reflective or metallic surfaces that are often favored for their initial appearance and aesthetic. These floors tend to be stronger than an untreated concrete surface. Metallic epoxy flooring systems are easy-to-maintain traffic surface.

 In addition to their beautiful aesthetics, metallic epoxy floors can be installed over high strength basecoats and provide resistance and safety.

  1.      Natural Epoxy Floors

Natural resinous flooring systems are ultra-modern, futuristic and minimalist. Natural and organic, with a large spectrum of creative epoxy floor coating systems, beautiful, design can be economically and greatly accomplished.