The floor is waterproof?

Most of the resinous floors in the market are very harsh and fragile.

This is the reason why they break away and move away from the floor. Any movement in the basement, extreme temperatures or the escape of a heavy object will damage them because it is too hard to handle it. Many epoxy floors claim to be impermeable, but if they are not rich in resins, they are only temporarily impermeable.

Too much aggregate required for most epoxy quartz flooring leads to voids and is easily penetrated. Such epoxy flooring systems, even when the „upper coating” only provides temporary protection and will not succeed prematurely. A seamless, water-tight surface that ensures that water flows into the sewer system as it should instead of destroying the walls and floor.

It is not only waterproof but also to all drains, electrical conductors, coke ducts, gas lines, installation lines and anything else that comes out of the commercial floor, providing space under full protection against the humidity of your plant , As you probably know, can be very expensive.

Many resinous epoxy layers contain solvents that emit harmful vapors while evaporating. They should not be installed in a plant while they are occupied. The epoxy floor can be installed in your unit while your customers and staff are present. It does not emit harmful vapors and has almost no odor.