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Strizo Floors in Philippines

Last week the Strizo Floors team had the pleasure of presenting the history, activity and vision of the company, this time on the South Asian continent, more precisely in Philippines. The event was a major event among the specialists in the field. The guests were entrepreneurs, architects and authorized epoxy flooring specialists.

With this occasion, we introduced the new brand image, our new logo. We believe that this new identity is all about us, with which we will go.
In this area of ​​epoxy flooring is important experience, technical knowledge and aesthetic, we like to believe that Strizo brings them together with great success. This was also the opinion of the participants in the Philippines event. Surely it will not be the last of this type because we constantly prepare both the employees from a technical point of view to bring elements of modernity and to keep up-to-date on the news in the field but we prepare to support our vision and the objectives of the term long.

Besides specialists in the field, with over 12 years’ experience in this industry, we have a strong team that we rely on for each project to be impeccable and to bring the best solutions regardless of customer requirements.