Safety first! Benefits of an epoxy flooring in the industrial environment

Epoxy flooring offers a smooth and durable surface, perfect for the industrial environment. This type of coating is normally applied to concrete structures to provide a high performance, reliable surface that resists heavy loads.

Many warehouses or commercial buildings require epoxy flooring because they must be kept in perfect safety conditions and be adapted to working norms and working conditions.

An epoxy coating requires a slightly porous and cleaned surface to adhere properly. It is also important to prepare, test the surface before applying the floor, but also to observe the conditions imposed by manufacturers, such as optimal use temperature and waiting conditions before hardening of the material layers. Unlike other traditional floors, epoxy coatings offer many advantages, one of the most important being maintenance over time as it provides a wear-resistant surface capable of withstanding continuous traffic. Epoxy surfaces will create a glossy surface so brightness in an epoxy flooring area can be increased by up to 200%. A durable, wear-resistant surface is capable of withstanding heavy and continuous traffic.

Used in the industrial environment, they resist oil stains and can be combined with paints or colors to mask possible cracks or defects.

Epoxy flooring provides increased safety by creating a non-slip solution, heat and resistance, and the various models can be combined to create access paths or to identify areas that can be accessed. In a chemical, commercial or industrial environment, emphasis is placed on protecting the environment, so epoxy floors are considered to be efficient and sustainable ecological solutions.

In most cases, floors do not require major maintenance.