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Resin floors raised to the art range at the museum

Resin flooring can be a real inspiration for artists.


For example, in the „Für Neue Kunst” Museum in Freiburg, artist Peter Zimmermann, came with a revolutionary concept and radically transformed the gallery rooms into a monumental and impressive work.

For the „Freiburg School”, the museum floor becomes like a painting cloth for colorful and glossy resin pools covering nearly 425 square feet, weaving rooms as abstract, fluid shapes.

A real work but a result to measure, right? Visitors are witnesses to an absolute artistic concept, walking through vast and dreamy stretches of both paintings and resilient flooring in a 3D format that completes space into an ideal space. There is a great emphasis on the space relationship between the epoxy piece (floor) and a new series of paintings in oil – first presented in this group as a whole: floor paintings.

The bright surface of the paintings and floorings – and their multi-layer composition – symbolizes computer-based reasons such as browser tabs, screen icons, and windows. In this engagement with the influence of digital media on current painting, the „Freiburg School” presents Zimmermann’s complex, painterly and colorful cosmos. 

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