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Epoxy floors are in the preferences of interior designers

When choosing a floor, besides functionality and safety, you choose with great care and a suitable design in harmony with the rest of the house. Each type of floor comes with its unique features, depending on the choice of a designer and the beneficiary. Some flooring options bring some design and use advantages such as 3D flooring that includes a unique and very impacting concept. If we talk about maintenance, it will not be a normal one as a normal floor that may require repair from time to time.

3D epoxy floors are very strong and very durable, both in a home and office or commercial space. Interior designers have begun to use strong epoxy resins to build restaurant floors, hotels, motels and large malls. There are many reasons why 3D epoxy floors are used instead of concrete floors or marble or foyer. The first reason is that high-quality resin materials are used in 3D epoxy flooring, both homeowners and commercial property builders are looking for durability in design, thus focusing on the use of high-quality resins for upgrading concrete floors or floors simple.

The epoxy coating helps protect the floor against corrosion, rust and water. In addition to durability, the epoxy floor in 3D models is used for a unique interior design.

On the concrete floor, multiple epoxy coatings are applied to create a floor design. Depending on the chosen 3D floor design, the floor may have modern, artistic or simply contain more shine and brilliance, so resin is one of the basic materials.              
As for the color palette, there are thousands of colors in epoxy flooring such as red, green, blue, black or white. 3D floor design can use more than ten colors at the same time.

Epoxy-based 3D flooring is easy to integrate both indoors and outdoors because they can be personalized in different ways by using stones, sands, pebbles and other materials.

Marine landscapes, summer themes or optical illusions are in the preference of those who opt for a 3D floor.