Design Interior, Gym

Nike launched the first Pop-Up shop in New York using epoxy resins

Nike launched the first candy pop-up shop in the 80’s, a project that was set up by the famous Robert Storey Studio design studio. Reiterating the clothing patterns in the collection, the space was divided into distinct areas, but working around symmetry and bold color balls. Areas, or „stories”, include elements that lead you to the running and give you the feeling of living because of the vivid colors used, and are linked through geometric apertures in temporary areas that are curved with fluorescent lighting. There is a transition of each Areas that have been demarcated using an epoxy flooring system that takes you through this rainbow starting from blue to green, pink and orange. There is also a completely white minimalist gym space, which is actually a gym for the selected visitors to work while trying out the new models.

Foto : David S Allee