Design Interior

Decorative coatings with glossy or metallic epoxy

Whether you want decorative flooring systems that can withstand constant pedestrian traffic or heavy loads, we have the combination of beauty and strength you need. Our quartz, chips and metal blends make all the glossy finishing touches, so you’ll continue to benefit from the attractive flooring that’s durable and attractive.

Who says high performance can not be beautiful?

Our decorative epoxy flooring systems and other resin materials demonstrate that beauty is not just a myth. Depending on the concrete floor structure and plant needs, they can withstand a strong impact.

Protect your flooring with epoxy Choose from a wide range of shiny or epoxy metal floor combinations and blends to express your creativity.
Using our high-performance materials, resin design retains its beauty in time. These unique products are designed to give you some of the best possible results, contributing to the fresh and modern look of your business, while supporting the design vision for each building space.

Now you can update both the look and the usefulness of your flooring with customized epoxy systems. STRIZO flooring meets all requirements. We have unlimited options so that coatings can reduce vapor transmission or have antimicrobial properties.

Always repair as soon as you see a crack, hole, or other damage to the concrete. Our manufacturing specialists will carefully evaluate the concrete floors of your installation before installing the floor, listen to your concerns and provide repair options that meet your long-term goals.
All of this is part of the quality and service we know and offer you.