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How to choose the perfect floor for our needs

The first criterion we use when choosing an epoxy flooring is the environment for which it is intended. Thanks to our experience in the last 8 years, I have installed in countless types of spaces, from private houses to flagship stores, primary schools, restaurants, industrial halls, and car parks. With this accumulated experience, we have developed a range of resin floor systems perfectly suited to each environment – whether industrial or luxury flooring, for indoor resin flooring or in combination with natural stone for commercial floors, we can advise you to choose Of the best products based on epoxy and polyurethane resin for the space with support, consultancy and technical details. Based on this technical specification, the next step discusses a quote with the sales consultant. A resin floor is typically around 150 pounds per m², but this may vary depending on … The environment ie what resin flooring system you have chosen The substrate builds (concrete, wood, etc.); The total area because the price per square meter decreases as the total surface goes up and the decoration choices (although usually your choice of color will not affect the price) Anything further in detail such as drains, stairs or Floor boxes The easiest way to get a quotation is online using the instant quote tool to download a custom PDF based on area and sepia or on the site. Using this as a falling point on, our sales consultants can discuss more fine details with you and meet your exact needs. Once you are satisfied with the price you recommend visiting our showroom so you can choose the color and finish of the resin floor for you …